Grant & Scholarship Recipients' Testimonials

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"I am so incredibly grateful to have been awarded a grant through WEF for my small business, Vim + Vigor Candle Co. This grant has allowed me to implement a temperature control mechanism in my candle studio that has shortened the production time for my candles by 50%.

This significant increase in production efficiency is such a blessing as it has given me more time to focus on growing my business. Since receiving the grant in August 2018 we have secured over 100 new wholesale accounts with various gift shops, boutiques, resorts and spas across the country. Now that I am able to produce more candles in a shorter amount of time, I can confidently and successfully bring on accounts that place very large orders. For example, we met a retailer at the Las Vegas Tradeshow in February that asked to purchase 1000 custom candles. Prior to receiving the grant I never would have been able to accept that order because there was no way I could make 1000 candles on top of the candles I was already making for our existing accounts. After using the grant to increase our production capabilities, I was able to quickly and confidently respond to his request saying, "Absolutely! When would you like these candles to ship?". That was a very big moment for me and my business and one I will never forget thanks to the support that WEF has given me and the grant I received. 🙂

Working with the women of WEF has been such an amazing experience. Their unwavering support has empowered me to reach higher and dream bigger with regards to where my business can go. The options are endless with their support. I am so proud to be a part of WEF family and look forward to supporting other female entrepreneurs just as WEF has supported me."

Phaedra Earhart has owned her local insurance business, the Earhart Insurance Agency, since July of 2010 and is licensed in the entire state of AZ. She specializes in Commercial, Auto/Home and Life insurance and truly values the connections she makes in her community. Phaedra has built her agency over time by focusing on four key pillars: Clients: Our clients are why we exist. Our goal is to give the best customer service experience possible, by focusing on our client’s insurance goals and observing the Platinum Rule – treat others as THEY want to be treated. Community: We will always be good citizens of our community, focusing on building strong local relationships, along with supporting our schools, firefighters and police officers. Coverage: Our goal is to make sure our clients are educated about their coverage, so that they are able to make informed decisions about their personal insurance plan. Claims: Going through a claim is emotionally and physically draining. Our pledge is to be there for our clients, with support and guidance throughout the claims experience. Phaedra has long enjoyed building community connections and volunteers her time and money with different organizations around the Valley. Recently Phaedra decided that she wanted to be more involved in her own neighborhood, Power Ranch, where she has lived since 2005. It made sense to join her local Power Ranch business group, ASPiRE, but she wanted to make sure to have a presence, and not just join another group. Phaedra received a grant from WEF to assist in making an impact within the ASPiRE group. Her plan was to reach out to her neighborhood of over 15,000 residents, by sponsoring events and joining the leadership team of ASPiRE. So far Phaedra has made an impact by sponsoring 3 events this year, with plans to sponsor another 2 in the fall. She joined the leadership team and that keeps her in front of the many business owners of Power Ranch.
“I participated in the NAWBO Mentoring program as a Mentor; I was looking for a way to get more involved in the organization. I was pleasantly surprised at the caliber of material presented at each session and the level of accountability demanded of the participants. The commitment each mentee made toward establishing or growing their business was inspiring. I ended the program more energized about my business with new tools and contacts. The greatest take away was the sense of pride watching my mentee take her business from an idea to reality. WEF, I hope you know what a difference you are making by funding this program.”
Gina W. Ore is a Professional Consultant for Respectful Communication with a Masters Degree in Innovative Leadership. Through her Passion for Patients™ consulting program she teaches healthcare professionals more effective ways to engage and communicate with staff and patients so that they can increase profit margins, recruit and retain the best and most talented staff and boost patient satisfaction scores.

Gina has enjoyed a successful 25-year career in relationship engagement and successful fundraising. She has worked closely with and developed deep connections with medical professionals, generous donors, and dedicated volunteers who have supported healthcare, human services and medical research.

In addition, she has worked in the largest physician-owned practice in the state of Arizona and participated in health system acquisitions. Through these interactions, affiliations, and experiences, Gina has come to understand the powerful impact that surrounding patients with high-touch care can have on the healing process.

Gina is dedicated to helping clients find simple and effective ways to inspire their team to create a higher level of Medical Etiquette, for every patient, every time.

I"m thrilled and honored to be the grant recipient of The Women’s Enterprise Foundation. To qualify for the interview process with the panel from the WEF's Board, I had to complete an application and submit info about my finances, projects, budgets, references, collateral, and personal profile. The application process also confirmed how passionate I am about improving the patient experience, and I believe I was able to convey that in the interview. Your interest in and support of Passion for Patients™ is deeply appreciated. Taking this business to the next level is very important and your generous funding has been just the key to making that happen. I can’t wait to share updates with you!

Again, please know how grateful I am for your support.

“The WEF Scholarship has been such a huge blessing in my life and for my business as it has created various opportunities for growth and provided a huge network of wonderful women. I was immediately in awe of the women in NAWBO as they are extremely supportive and eager to help each other succeed. I have made many meaningful connections in such a short time period and learned great tools to grow my business. Through participating at the monthly luncheons, I met an inspiring business coach who has helped my business greatly. I am very appreciative to have had the opportunity to be a scholarship recipient and look forward to supporting other women who will benefit from this opportunity in the future.”
Molly Snyder is a local Tempe Emerging Artist, perfecting her hand-tied natural fabric art. Groove Babe Tie Dye is handcrafted with love and thoughtful intention. She grew up in Arizona, has multiple degrees from ASU including a master’s in Sustainable Energy Management, & a 12-year career in Environmental Service. She married an Army Serviceman & together they have 3 young children, whose natural wonder, love of rainbows, & fun personalities have inspired many of her tied & dyed creations. Molly, along with her 3rd Generation Arizona Family also have a love for the Arizona desert and the ASU Sun Devils! During the Fall of 2017, Molly Snyder applied & and graciously became a grant recipient from the WEF. She was invited to participate as a vendor in the Tempe Fall Festival of the Arts which attracts over 250,000 visitors. The grant money she received enabled her to purchase her booth equipment and supplies for the clothing/decor she hand-dyes. During the Fall she created over 1,000 pieces, which boosted her supply to nearly $22,000 in inventory. She used the grant money as well as $3,000 of her own savings to complete this daunting task. She was able to generate her largest revenue to date during the fall festivals, and continuing into January 2018 (already participated in 2 vending markets this year). She developed her branding, logo, and website to achieve a more professional look to her company. Molly’s promoting her Groove Babe Tie Dye Pies® a new age No-Mess Kit which creates gorgeous one-of-a-kind items. Everyone who uses kit creates their very own Tie Dye, LOVES it and raves that it’s unlike any other tie-dye product they’ve used. She plans to submit the kit as a new crafting product to online craft magazines sales and gain entrepreneurial investor partnership along the way. She’s debuted the kit with local elementary schools – check our website for promotional video coming soon! "Thank you for your support in this local Arizona Small Business."