Women's Enterprise Foundation (WEF) Past President

Kim M. Evans

Past President

When Kim isn‘t volunteering with WEF or spending time with her friends and dogs, she’s busy helping professional athletes, celebrities, executives, business owners, and others understand and dissolve barriers and reach new levels of success.

Find out how Kim can help you reach your next level of success, fast!

Women's Enterprise Foundation (WEF) President Co-Chair

Brenda Allen

President Co-Chair

When Brenda isn‘t volunteering with WEF and the many other charities that she’s involved with, she’s busy putting together some amazing meetings, parties, and corporate events.

Contact the team at All Points Meeting and Incentives to find out how they can ensure your next event is a hit!

Women's Enterprise Foundation (WEF) President Co-Chair

Laura Varner

President Co-Chair

When Laura isn‘t keeping all of the WEF Volunteers on track, she’s sharing her years of business success with other go-getter business owners.

She can help you overcome your limitations, plan out and train for the journey, achieve success, and then continue on without me. Success for Laura means that she worked herself out of a job. Connect with Laura here!

Women's Enterprise Foundation (WEF) Treasurer

Cathy LaFee


When Cathy isn‘t managing the WEF financials, she’s using her expertise to help businesses like yours. She’s a Financial Consultant at Arizona Bank & Trust.

Connect with Cathy and find out how she can assist you with your financial goals.

Women's Enterprise Foundation (WEF) Secretary

Stefanie Blaney


When Stefanie isn’t keeping track of the WEF to-do’s, she is working with financial advisors who assist individuals like yourself in addressing their holistic financial well-being. Find out how her team can help you, today!

Women's Enterprise Foundation (WEF) Grant & Scholarship Chair

Marie Gonzales

Grant & Scholarship Chair

When Marie isn’t reviewing WEF grant & scholarship applications or awarding money to our recipients she is helping people like yourself make sure they have the right insurance for their needs.

Connect with Marie today to find out if you have the best insurance to meet your business and personal needs!

Women's Enterprise Foundation (WEF) Marketing Chair

Melissa Tucker

Marketing Chair

When Melissa isn‘t supporting WEF she enjoys brainstorming and coaching online business owners with their business and marketing strategies. We get so wrapped up working in our business, Melissa’s passion, knowledge, and focus will help you spend a bit more time working on your business so you can make more money and have more freedom.

Find out how Melissa can help you take your business to the next level.

Women's Enterprise Foundation (WEF) Committee Member

Jane Goh-Kwa

Committee Member

When Jane isn’t volunteering with WEF she is traveling the world, designing fashion for the next season, and inspiring other fashion entrepreneurs.

Find out more about Jane and Northern Clover here!

Women's Enterprise Foundation (WEF) Committee Member

J.T. Driscoll

Committee Member

When J.T. isn‘t supporting WEF, he’s coaching people on all of the skills needed to get their dream job & advance their career. Connect with J.T. to ensure your personal brand is on point, polish your interview skills, and negotiate that pay increase,

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Women's Enterprise Foundation (WEF) Committee Member

Katelyn Flores

Committee Member

When Katelyn isn‘t supporting WEF with social media & email, she’s helping medical companies with their branding and marketing needs.

Connect with Katelyn & the team at Six Degrees.

Women's Enterprise Foundation (WEF) Committee Member

Nikki Berkel

Committee Member

When Nikki isn‘t supporting WEF or having fun with her son, she’s following her purpose by helping busy moms create happier lives.

Find out more about Nikki today!

Women's Enterprise Foundation (WEF) Committee Member

Dr. Yasaman Tasalloti

Committee Member

When Dr. Yas isn‘t supporting WEF, she’s helping people heal their gut, emotional, and brain health.

Book your FREE health consultation with Dr. Yas, today!